T4B Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of Attard & Co. Industrial. Ltd. part of the Attard & Co. Group. Our main focus is to provide supplies and professional services to the local industry. One of the principal divisions is the provision of Inventory Management and related services to the local Industry foremost among which is our Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) program for the local industry.

What is SMI or as is also known as VMI? Essentially it is a type of Supply Chain Management where the incoming buffer stock of a company is held by a 3rd party logistic provider in close proximity of its facility on behalf of the manufacturers of the supplies. Thus the goods can easily and speedily be delivered to the facility avoiding delays due to logistics problems. The benefits are reduced risk of down time. Better control of stock levels and reduced inventory stock for the manufacturer.

We have been providing SMI services to the suppliers of STMicroelectronics (Malta) Ltd. since 1998, during this time, we have always been a leader with regards to the level of quality of our services. This is proven by the fact that we have been asked by STMicroelectronics (Malta) Ltd. themselves to handle an increasing number of product groups over the years.

We are audited annually by our clients who visit our facilities and we have had very positive comments on our role in aiding suppliers and in increasing the level of service. Moreover, the local Supplier Quality Manager from ST audits our facilities on a regular basis.

Our professional and on-time service is proven by our track record. We have never been a cause of line stop situation. On the contrary, we have helped our clients to avoid such situations by offering extra deliveries as required.


Our Main client ST Microelectronics has congratulated our services on numerous occasions. Two such instances where when we have been rewarded Best Supplier Chain from ST Microelectronics and a recognition for an outstanding contribution as a key contributor in the supply chain of STMicroelectronics (2011 – 2012)

Below is a general list of services that we offer:

Warehousing and Deliveries
• Palletisation of loose cartons.
• Stocking on FIFO basis.
• The stock area can be Humidity and Temperature controlled as necessary.
• JIT deliveries.
• Emergency deliveries, same day service, if requested.
• Deliveries direct to Store.
• System focused on 0 stoppage time.
• Stock will be delivered according to authorised delivery instructions from supplier.

Logistic support and stock management
• Monitoring emergency airfreight shipments.
• Organising, controlling and monitoring all freight shipments to Malta. Clearing local customs documentation including emergency shipments when necessary.
• Local carriage in and local freight handling.
• Instantaneous reports including photos on receipt of any damaged goods.
• Maintaining correct stock levels for buffer stock.
• Maintaining safety stock levels if required.
• Management of stocks, including freight scheduling and ordering.
• Monitoring forecasts against actual consumption trends.

• Reporting of warehouse stock status on a weekly basis.
• Reporting of deliveries/consumption on a daily basis.

Quality control and sorting
• Checking of goods for quality problems on a sample basis.
• Sorting of goods by part and invoice number.
• Handling of documentation such as Certificates of Conformance etc.

AEO services
• Customs data entry for AEO status.